Our social services program was specifically created to help individual or community across the world. Trough this program we offer anumber of different services to anyone who seeks our assistance. From islamic private consultation, lecture for youth to community workshops with licensed scholars. We are inviting you to get involved in it.

Some of our social services include:

  • Providing packages of complete meals to underserved communities during the holy month of Ramadan, which is distributed to the poorer areas in various parts of Indonesia.
  • Providing a package of Eid gifts consisting of a muslim clothes and Eid cakes, which are given to orphans and underprivileged families so that adds to their happiness in welcoming Eid.
  • Distributing school kit before the beginning of the school year to orphans or families in need.
  • Arranging aqeeqah reception on behalf of donors in our targeted area where we work (mainly in rural area of Indonesia)
  • Distributing fresh meat to needy families during Qurban or Udhiya.
  • Providing assistance to families of fishermen detained for inadvertently violating the state borders during fishing activities.
  • Organizing the practice of cupping (hijama) as a health treatment that is recomended by prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him).