The Meaning of Zakat

The linguistic meaning of zakat is growth and increase. When it is applied regarding a person, it means to improve or to become better. Consequently, zakat is a blessing, a cleanser and betterment. Regarding this, Ibn Taymiyyah said, “The soul of the person who pays his zakat becomes purified, and the blessing in his wealth increase.”

As the Third Pillar of Islam, zakat refers to the determined share of wealth prescribe by Allah to be distributed among deserving categories. The word zakat occurs thirty times in the Quran, out of which, twenty seven times is linked with shalat, or the daily ritual prayer. Every Muslim possessing the condition for zakat must satisfy the duty of this obligatory charity.

Dompet Dhuafa has organised an highlight to guide you in understanding zakat

  • Zakat Essentials
  • Zakat on Wealth
  • Condition for Zakat
  • Zakat on Salary
  • Provision of other Wealth
  • Distribution of Zakat
  • Zakat al Fitr
  • The Wisdom of Zakat

Dompet Dhuafa has published The Zakat Guidebooks (pdf) in order to disseminate the teaching of zakat as the beautiful Pillar of Islam for the public.

We are also providing a free Zakat Kit (pdf) as a supplemental resource to the book in term of assisting masjids or Islamic Centers in Australia in getting started to manage zakat.