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10 September 2014 BROSUR KURBAN DD AUSI-page-002


Para Donatur yang dirahmati Allah,   Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh   KALAULAH bukan karena ketaatan dan keikhlasan, tak mungkin nabi…

From CEO

Indonesia Move On

Kita tidak boleh diam berpangku tangan. Apapun kondisi yang terjadi hari ini, kita harus melangkah ke depan. Apapun keadaan yang…


Should NGO Pay Zakat?

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, The obligation to pay zakat is determined by the type of property owned. Zakat is not…

The Principle of Zakat on Earnings

Assalamu ‘alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, In the time of Prophet Muhammad until the next hundred of years indeed, Zakat on Earnings…

Limit of Using Mosque’s Infaq

Assalamu `Alaikum Wa Warahmatullahi Barakatuh It would be best, if all kinds of mosque cash expense are made the rules…

22 October 2013

PRESS RELEASE: NSW Bushfire Response 2013

NSW Bushfire 2013

PRESS RELEASE – START In response to the worst fire disaster that strucked New South Wales in 46 years, expected…

25 September 2013

Dompet Dhuafa: Assisstance for the Syrian Refugees

2013-09-21 Syria

TURKEY – The “Indonesian Aid Dompet Dhuafa” (IADD) humanitarian team to Syria on Tuesday, 17/9/13, delivered aid in the Turkish-Syrian…

27 August 2013

Free of Charge Hospital by Dompet Dhuafa Impressed Germany’s Ambassador to Indonesia

2013-08-27 Germany Ambassador Impressed with DD hospital

BOGOR, INDONESIA – Germany’s Ambassador to Indonesia, George Witschel, was impressed and expressed his admiration for the free-for-the-poor hospital, Integrated…

08 July 2013

The Late Ust. Jeffery and Former Vice President Jusuf Kalla Amongst Many Honored: Dompet Dhuafa Award 2013

2013-07-05 Dompet Dhuafa Award 2013

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – In celebrating its 20th year anniversary, Dompet Dhuafa Indonesia (the first and largest of all Dompet Dhuafa…

13 June 2013

International Youth Conference in Indonesia

2013-06-13 International Youth Conference

Bogor, INDONESIA – Peace was the main issue discussed in the International Youth Conference for Peace at Bumi Pengembangan Insani,…

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Isn’t the basic purpose of Zakaat to make sure that the wealth does not get blocked and the poor do…