The Late Ust. Jeffery and Former Vice President Jusuf Kalla Amongst Many Honored: Dompet Dhuafa Award 2013

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – In celebrating its 20th year anniversary, Dompet Dhuafa Indonesia (the first and largest of all Dompet Dhuafa branches internationally) once again awarded some community leaders and media outlets which have been assessed to inspire virtue to society, and also those who have demonstrated their contribution to the wider community and the nation. The 20th anniversary event was held on Tuesday (2/7), at Wisma ANTARA in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

The award was part of the event’s programs titled “Dompet Dhuafa 20 Years, a Reflection: Past Highlights and Future Projections.” The event was also made better with a special appearance Dwiki Darmawan & Friends (world acclaimed artist and his friends).

“This event is a way to show appreciation of the many exemplary figures and those who inspire us (to do the same),” said Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dompet Dhuafa, Parni Hadi.

Parni added that the people which are nominated are those people who have a huge devotion to this nation, that they bring substantial benefits to the community at large. “The devotion to the work they do, really comes from the heart, and was never a mere ‘lip-service’, they earnestly go through the struggles and make them as their passions” added Parni.

The following are the recipients of the Dompet Dhuafa Award 2013:

1. Muhammad Jusuf Kalla. Award category: Humanitarian.

After serving as the 10th Vice President to the country, since 2009, Jusuf Kalla has focused his works on humanitarian activities. In one instance, he was the Chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI). He was also known for his eminent roles in the peace processes of many secterian conflicts in many parts of Indonesia, including Ambon, Poso and Aceh.

2. Anies Baswedan. Award category: Education.

Education is one of many crucial aspects in the country’s development. Education is also an important instrument in increasing the intellectual motors of the nation. But unfortunately, ‘to better the nation’s education’ which is the promise of independence (of the country in 1945) has not been implemented evenly throughout the country. On this basis, Anies Baswedan who is a Rector of the Paramadina University initiated the ‘Indonesia Teaches Movement’ (GIM) in 2009. Apart from being the founder of ‘Indonesia Teaches Movement’ he heavily and directly involved himself in it, determine to resolve the many problems related to education in Indonesia.

3. Bambang Parianom. Award category: Environment.

The Foundation for Strategic Business Development and Nature Conservation Advocacy (PUSAKA) was formed by Bambang Parianom in 2005 as a form of his great concern to the environment. Tree planting in various critical areas was just one of the many programs the former the Head of Department of the Environment of Kota Batu. To the moment, PUSAKA has planted trees in around nearly 100 acres of land, in Kota Batu.

4. Warsito Purwo Taruno. Award category: Health.

It is his contribution to the health world of a great magnitude that has earned him the award. As a medical doctor who graduated from University of Shizuoka, Japan, he invented a device which greatly assists in the extermination of the brain and breast cancer cells, an ECVT based technology. The efficacy of the invention of this Chairman of Society and Technology Scientists Indonesia (MITI) has been proven. A cancer patient very close to his heart, one of his own sisters who had Stage IV breast cancer, was cleared of cancer cells after a few months of using the device he invented.

5. Irma Suryati. Award category: Economy.

Despite her physical limitations, she found happiness in motivating others to never give up on life because of their physical disabilities. In her creativity, this difable* woman who came from Kebumen, Central Java, used leftover fabrics and formed them into a variety of unique products. After being succesful in it, Irma began to invite her difable friends to follow in her footsteps and made her home a place for them to stay as well as the training centre for her works. Not only Irma provides the training herself, she also, Irma also helps to market the creations of her friends/students. To date, not less than 5,000 people have been trained by Irma.

*Difable is a coined word meaning ‘different ability’. There are growing number of writers in Indonesia who use  ‘difable’ instead of ‘disabled’ when describing person or people with disability, as the word ‘disabled’ means ‘disability’ has a negative connotation amongst Indonesian.
6. Houtman Zainal Arifin. Award category: Philantropist/Carer.

It is pretty much uncountable how many poor, neglected children who he and his family directly cared for. He believes that the poor is sent by God as a test for him, to be greeted and cared by him in order to gain God’s love and approval. He lives with dozens of thse children in his house. All the children are treated like his own. He has been taught that life is not just about ‘me, myself and I’, but about ‘us and we’. Life is also about parents, about family, about the country, about religion and also about the people around us. He teaches the children to be a reason and useful in life, that the benefits of their presence are felt by those around them.

7. Jeffery Al Buchory (RIP). Award category: Lifetime Achievement.

His methods of religious propagation that he adapts has its own characteristics. With his casual preaching style which attracts the young, he can easily connects himself to various walks of life. ‘Ustad Gaul’ (trans. ‘Pop teacher’), that was how he was known. His struggles in preaching peace and religion have inspired us all. ‘Uje’, as he was also called, did not hesitate to involve the young in many of his activities. The journey of Uje, who was born in Jakarta, 12 April 1973, teaches us that it is never too late to to turn to God, no matter who you are.

In addition to the figures mentioned above, Dompet Dhuafa also gave its appreciation and respect to the media, in particular those who were considered to provide inspiration and encouragement to the community:

1. ANTV’s “Perempuan Hebat” (trans. Great Women) quizshow for giving inspirations to women.
2. SCTV’s “Para Pencari Tuhan” (trans. The God Seekers) religious soap program.
3. DAAITV’s “Mata Hati” (trans. The Eye of the Heart) program, which is a humanitarian and social caring program.
4. The local Police Force TMC Polda Metro’s twitter account for its easy to access public services.
5. for its great online news. (Ant)