Sekolah Ceria Banish Children’s Trauma of Earthquake

Sekolah Ceria Banish Children’s Trauma of Earthquake

PIDIE JAYA, ACEH – After lunch and Zuhur prayer, more than 90 children, enthusiast waiting for the Sekolah Ceria Team from the Disaster Management Center (DMC) Dompet Dhuafa. With their tumultuous, they wait for the series of events from Ceria School; magic, singing and games activities.

Not long after, when the time show at 13:30 pm, volunteers from the DMC and BRIMOB Aceh Police, preparing to bring the show to the evacuation center, Masjid of Baiturrahim Musa, Pidie Jaya, Aceh. Bother Eka’s magic shows from DMC, started the program that afternoon. Then Sister Nanda from the BRIMOB Aceh Police continues with encouragement to children to sing songs in Aceh Local Language.

Children looked out laughing and entertained from this event. In fact, parents who witnessed the action of magic and games performance, could not stop laughing because of volunteers funny behavior that guides these activities.

“Very glad to have been entertained by the volunteers. We were invited to play magic, singing and games in the cheerful situation”, said Rendi Zikrian (9), between the games of rigging.

Happiness did not come only from the children and their parents who witnessed the program but also was visible on the face of volunteers who host the event. Especially Eka and Nanda. They looked happy in bringing the magic, singing, and games, to invite laugh.

“I am personally happy to contribute to the event held by Dompet Dhuafa. Instead of bringing entertainment to the survivors, the expectation of this event is also recovered children from the trauma of the earthquake last Wednesday, “said Sister Nanda, from BRIMOB Aceh Police.

Although the aftershocks are still common, the children seem no such trauma compare to early post-disaster. As appears from the face and psychological of Sultan (11), and Mirza (12), they no longer exhibit a traumatic condition. They look happy and play freely with her friends at Sekolah Ceria. “The Magic show is funny, and we are invited to play. We also received food parcels from the volunteers, “said those boys cheerfully. (Taufan YN)