Pay Taxes, Including Shodaqoh or Infaq?


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Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb.

Paying taxes for a Muslim is basically not including charity or infaq. Because, shodaqoh or infaq which is usually understood as a Sunnah, a maliyah worship, it is not a liability.

While paying taxes is obligatory. At least, according to the law of state. The people’s tax money is allocated not only to the poor, but to finance the administration of the state. Sometimes even to corruption by officials, official travel or refinance the officials, as well as for their costs walks abroad.

But in short, the tax revenue for the purpose of the state, rather than the general sense infaq generally intended for the poor and the miserable.

As for the law to pay taxes for a Muslim, if we return to the basic law, it is an obligatory. Although not including the obligation diniyah. The obligation to pay taxes is approximately equal to the socio-economic obligations, as if we’re riding the bus, had to pay. Also we have to pay electricity bills, telephone, water and others. (Ahmad Sarwat, Lc/