After Floods, Dompet Dhuafa Deploys Recovery Programs

JAKARTA – Floods that hit Jakarta and surrounding areas over the past week left a variety of damages and losses. Not only the physical damage, but also psychological.

In order to restore the conditions after the floods, Dompet Dhuafa deploys recovery program. “In the short term this transition period, we will focus on recovery in terms of clean-up, supplying clean water and disinfectant, and health services in various areas, especially around Dompet Dhuafa’s shelters,” said Bambang Suherman, General Manager Relief Program, Friday (25/1).

Own long-term recovery program, said Bambang, will touch on education, health, and economy. Clean-up programs to help school supplies were lost and damaged by flood was done in the education sector.

“If the teaching and learning activities is not running, we open temporary schools. If teaching is already running, then held a school supplies assistance”, said Bambang.

As for the economic sector, the team will help the traders business unit stalled. “They record the business units are permanently suspended due to flooding. They have done an assessment”, he explained.

Mentioned on January 27 next prediction will again besieged Jakarta floods, Bambang said the team is always ready. Dompet Dhuafa’s shelter for victims are located in 15 point will return is maximized.

“At any time when the dynamics of this emergency rise, the post will be reactivated and will take command center,” he said. (gie/nra)