PAS Office employees distributed alms on the Dompet Dhuafa


JAKARTA-PT Muslim employees. . Submission of zakat was marked by BDI chairman PAS, Fauzi Idrus Sinarno Sutan in PAS Office Jakarta, Tuesday (19/2).

Fauzi said that Muslim employees zakat deduction initiation has been a long time ago. It just takes a long time to disseminate to all employees PAS Muslims reach 90% of the total existing employees.

“Although not all bases covered, Alhamdulillah thanks to the hard work of both BDI comrades, little by little we were able to collect zakat Muslim employees at this company,” he said.

Hopefully, added the Fauzi, with the charity’s distribution program will be more trigger another employee colleagues to increase the desire to distribute zakat income while working at the PAS.

“We hope that what we give can be beneficial to the poor which they deserved to receive it,” said Fauzi.

Meanwhile, Sulis Tiqomah represent Dompet Dhuafa said it would distribute the trust of the BDI cooperation with PAS in the program’s employees zakat funds.

“We hope this cooperation can be established in the following years, and Insya Allah will be a charity fund which we distribute to those who really deserve this mandate,” said Sulis. (QIH / gie)