Dompet Dhuafa Help Flood Survivors Cleaning Up Their Stuff

JAKARTA – Based on the observation of National Disaster Centre Dompet Dhuafa, waterlogging at some shelter point seemed to recede. However, this does not necessarily make the camps became quiet.

“The average flood victims are still afraid to return for fear of flooding will happen again. Many among them are traumatized on condition that occurs,” said Novi Officer Post National Disaster Centre Dompet Dhuafa, Monday (21/1) on the delivery of Logistics Aids from Indonesian community in Australia to Dompet Dhuafa.

This assistance symbolically handed over by Wahyu. S. Putro volunteers Dompet Dhuafa Australia representing the Indonesian diaspora in Australia to Prima Hadi Putra, Dompet Dhuafa’s employee who was then on duty at the Command Post National Disaster Center. “My house in Bekasi was also flooded,” said Wahyu a foreign citizen who is fluent in Bahasa. “So sorry I could only join this Monday,” he said.

Indonesian community in Australia through Dompet Dhuafa Australia was distributing logistic aids for the survivor since the second day to various shelter points in Jakarta area. Aid channeled in emergency stage reached AUD 2,000. (aa/ nra)