Indonesian Diaspora in Australia Help Flood Survivors

SYDNEY – No need to wait for a long time, the people of Indonesia in the overseas show their concern in helping flood survivors in several regions in Indonesia.

Indonesian community in Australia for example. Through Dompet Dhuafa Australia, they have been delivering aid to disaster victims from Thursday (17/1). Logistic aids such as food, mineral water and blankets directly distributed through refugee shelters in Tanjung Sayang, Cawang and The National Disaster Management Center in Ciputat.

According to Baihaqi, coordinator of refugee shelters and kitchens in Cawang, there are about 1.200 refugees in his working area. They were mostly women and children. “Even though they are familiar with flooding, but the flood of 2013 according to the people is the most severe. Aid from the Indonesian community in Australia is certainly very significant”, he said.

CEO Dompet Dhuafa Australia, Ichsan Akbar, in his direction through short message to the coordinator of the action, entrusted aid from the Indonesian community in Australia for AU $ 2.000 for handling the emergency response phase of the disaster victims. “We will monitor the impact of escalating disasters, for a while we hope this aid can be optimally used to help the flood victims,” he said. (aa/ nra)