Majalengka Landslides: Dompet Dhuafa Build Learning Centres

Majalengka, INDONESIA – Dompet Dhuafa will build temporary shelters to be used as emergency schools, after the Majalengka area was strucked by landslides over a month ago. Five school buildings were damaged in the landslides.

One of them is Cimuncang II Primary School, which is located in the Cimuncang Village, District of Malausma, Majalengka, West Java, Indonesia.

“We are committed to establishing an emergency school with all supplies required for teaching and learning activities,” said Udi Juandi, SAR Team Commander DMC Dompet Dhuafa, Saturday (18/5).

According to him, the school is built due to the demand for teaching and learning activities to be urgently resumed. Dompet Dhuafa observed that hundreds of children in the location could not study because of the damages sustained by building of the schools.

In addition to building emergency schools, Dompet Dhuafa also provide stationeries and other school supplies.

“Many of the children’s school equipment were damaged or lost in the landslide,” said Udi.

Udi adde that when there is a shortage of teachers, Dompet Dhuafa will provide a number of volunteer teachers or tutors from various backgrounds, such as university students, etc.

The establishment of these emergency shelters involve community members and village governments to work together. The learning system that will be used is a teaching-and-mentoring system and a psychiatrist will be present to help the children recover from the trauma caused by the landslides.

“In addition to returning to school, the psychological condition of the children is also important. Through the trauma healing process, it is hoped that after the children recover from the trauma, they would continue to learn eagerly” said Udi. (sgt/gie/Ant)