Landslide Burried 15 Houses in Agam District

Gempa Agam

Foto: Vinna Melwanti/ PadangTV

AGAM – Heavy rains caused landslides in Agam regency of West Sumatra. Incidence of landslides on Sunday (01/27/13) at 6:45 western Indonesia Time, in Jorong Kp. Dadok, Nagari Tanjung Raya, Kab. Agam, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Reported 15 houses buried. When this news was revealed, 6 dead victims  has found, three people were injured and have been rushed to the hospital. Based on the information to local residents, there is still another 18 people were missing.

Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Agam District, BPBD Prov. West Sumatra, military/ police, local authorities and communities assisted an emergency response at the location. Dompet Dhuafa through its branch in the province of West Sumatra had also departed to the site since Sunday (27/1) night with an unit of ambulance, donation of Indonesian citizens in Australia, complete with medical teams, medicines and logistical assistance such as food and cloth. (aa/ nra)