Limit of Using Mosque’s Infaq

mosque infaq

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Assalamu `Alaikum Wa Warahmatullahi Barakatuh

It would be best, if all kinds of mosque cash expense are made the rules and reported in a transparent manner to the mosque. If a mosque marabouts should be given some sort of money as a salary or using the mosque infaq for specific purpose, it must be agreed by other mosque officials. In order to avoid the defamation issues that marabouts or mosque officials take money which is already collected.

So from the beginning, it must be there a certainty infaq allocation, so the marabout has the certain right to use the part of the funds legally. If it has been determined by the shura of mosque officials, of course, the marabouts are entitled to use it. Even if the board did establish a Shura fixed salary for you, it would be even better.

But if there is no agreement from the board, the marabouts certainly have no right to use it. Even if they are in a pinch and very urgent, its status is a temporary loan so they have to pay and report. Otherwise, you can be said as a corruptor of mosque infaq.

The most important is the Shura result of mosque officials or formal meetings where you serve the mosque. (Ahmad Sarwat, Lc/