When Animals Also Should be Rescued

JAKARTA – Animal Rescue Team Dompet Dhuafa, initiated by Kampoeng Ternak, a Dompet Dhuafa’s network for  farmer empowerment program, rescued some of the animals such as cats owned by flood survivor in Kampung Melayu area, Tebet, South Jakarta, Saturday (19/1). Most of the animals are trapped for 4 days.

Rescue is done by using a raft belonging Brimob D-Battalion Kelapa Dua, Depok. Animal Rescue Team Dompet  Dhuafa search some houses to check on the animals.

“The cats are also very hungry. We also provide food”, said Nina Arisanti, one Animal Rescue team Dompet Dhuafa.

Furthermore Nina explains, cats are evacuated and handed back to its owner. One of the rescued cats are owned by a resident named Didi (65). “Yeah it’s one of my cats. It’s been four days I lost my cat. Thank you”, said Didi.

In addition to the evacuation, said Nina, the team will also provide food and medical check-ups for the animals. “Not only focusing on farm animals such as goats or chickens, but also like the dogs and cats that we search now,” she said.

Fadhlah Mahesa (21), a cat lover also participated in this action. She said the action was very helpful for animals, because they are sometimes forgotten during a disaster. “It was very kind who care for the animals,” she said.

“Hopefully in the future there are more volunteers who can participate, especially animal lovers communities”,  please Fadhlah.

Some Animal Rescue point are also made ​​in several areas in Jakarta and Tangerang. In Jakarta itself, apart from Kampung Melayu Besar, the team staged at the Rawa Buaya, Western Jakarta. (gie/ nra)