Floods Back, Residents Need -Ready to Eat- Foods

JAKARTA – Residents affected by flooding in three locations; Cawang, Bidara China, and Kampung Pulo need -Ready to Eat- Foods after the flooding since early Tuesday that soak their homes, (5/3). Besides food, the refugees also need ready-made garments.
Manager Response Disaster Management Center (DMC) Dompet Dhuafa, Darussalam Iskandar said the team rushed to the disaster site since 0:30 AM Tuesday morning. They immediately evacuate and open the service for the victims.
“We also carry a rubber boat and opened warm shelters for refugees,” Iskandar said when contacted in Cawang, East Jakarta.
Floods as high as 1 to 1.5 meters occurring at the site, according to Iskandar, was an impact of overflowing Ciliwung river. Ciliwung River overflowed due to water shipment from Bogor since Monday afternoon.
“The rain in around Bogor began since yesterday afternoon until evening resulted in the water level peaked at 250 cm Katulampa at 17:45 PM yesterday,” said Iskandar.
Until this news was revealed, the team still did evacuation in three locations. Data Collection and distribution needs of refugees are also being conducted. (gie / mir)