Evacuation in A Cold Night

The rain did not fall in Penjaringan, North Jakarta on Sunday night. Nevertheless, chest-high floods still submerged the residents’ houses. Responding to these conditions, Dompet Dhuafa sent evacuation team.

“Dompet Dhuafa evacuation team deployed because there are several people who have not been evacuated and there is no assistance to the survivor over there,” said Shofa, Dompet Dhuafa volunteers.

The cold nights and the number of trash floating in the floodwaters did not dampen the step team. Throughout Sunday morning, the team made visits to a number of houses.

The evacuation process managed to bring a few people who had been four days isolated in her home. A mother who had been evacuated admitted, he and the family had trouble getting the food supply because they are isolated.

“Here (in Penjaringan) there is no raft. Evacuation before use makeshift tools”, he said.

In the next few weeks, Dompet Dhuafa remain stand-by and will respond to areas which still need help in the evacuation. Since the enactment of Emergency Flood Jakarta, Dompet Dhuafa relief center has been set up in 15 regions in Jabodetabek. (/nra)