Dompet Dhuafa: Free Health Services in Kupang

KUPANG, INDONESIA – Free of charge health services (a.k.a. LKC) by Dompet Dhuafa is now available in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Indonesia. LKC by Dompet Dhuafa was inaugurated by the Governor of NTT, who was represented by the Yohana Lisapali, the assistant for Governance and Public Welfare Department,  accompanied by President Director of Dompet Dhuafa, Ismail A. Said on Thursday (11/4) in the courtyard of the mosque Al Bayt Qadim Airmata, Kupang.


According to Ismail, the presence of LKC is expected to facilitate the needs of the poor in Kupang in getting access to health care. Health is a basic requirement for anyone. But unfortunately not everyone in Kupang can afford it, especially the poor. Financial limitations are also causing health service providers to be very limited in what services they can offer.


LKC is a network part of Dompet Dhuafa specializing in dealing with the poors’ health. Funding comes from various the social funds such as ‘zakat’, ‘infak’, ‘sodakoh’ and ‘waqf’ (ZISWAF) and including the company’s social fund.


“LKC is providing health services free of charge to participants (members) that have been verified. Where each member who has signed up LKC is the verified by the survey team, “said Ismail.


The LKC in Kupang is the eleventh of its kind created by Dompet Dhuafa in Indonesia. Previous LKC branches have been established in various cities such as Ciputat, Jakarta, Bekasi, Aceh, Yogyakarta, Makassar, Purwokerto, Serang, Bandung and Palembang.


With the community’s support, Dompet Dhuafa has been active in improving health services for the poor since 2001. All these were done in order to increase the opportunities for the poor  to get easy access in the field of health, as it is a known fact that proper healthcare for the poor is normally out of their reach.


Over the past decade, LKC has been one the flagship programs for Dompet Dhuafa, in terms of providing health services to the poor. Furthermore, LKC has also played a major role in helping in providing urgent responses to natural disasters and conflicts in Indonesia. Not sitting on its laurels, Dompet Dhuafa took the initiative to even improve the health of the poor by developing programs such as Healthy Action Service (a.k.a. ALS) and built many Health Posts in the needy hotspots.


Coming to its 20th anniversary in July this year, since its first developed in Indonesia, Dompet Dhuafa continues to get public support and confidence in conducting various humanity programs in various parts of Indonesia and abroad. (gie/AB)