Dompet Dhuafa distribute aids in Syria

GAZIANTEP, TURKISH – Dompet Dhuafa distribute the aids from the people of Indonesia for the Syrian refugees in Gaziantep, Turkey. The aids are intended to the refugees living in refugees camps due political conflict in Syria.

“As many as 157.5 thousand refugees are currently being sheltered in Hatay, Sanliurfa and Gaziantep, thus said by Ahmad Riyadi, humanitarian team from Dompet Dhuafa in Turkey, on Monday (1/4).

Syria is in a terrible situation as a result of political crisis since March 2011. Then refugees began to flooded the neighboring countries, including the Turkish. It is estimated the new wave of refugees will continue to grow in line with the conflict that increase fiercely. The Turkish Government has set up five camps in Hatay, two in Sanliurfa, three in Gaziantep and one each in Osmaniye, Kahramanmaras and Adiyaman.

“This aid is an expression of the sense of solidarity from the supporters and Dompet Dhuafa’s donor on the world community suffering from conflict or war,” says Ahmad Riyadi.

The aid distribution is prioritized for the children. United Nations body, UNHCR reported that more than 400 thousand refugees Syria has been left Syria since January 2013. Majority of the refugees ware children and most of them are still aged below 11 years.

Furthermore, we are hoping that the political crisis in Syria can be immediately finished and the people of Syria can run their activities normally and peacefully. [NRA]

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