Dompet Dhuafa to build ‘Quick Disaster Response’ Programs For Villages 2013

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – One program of Dompet Dhuafa is to create ‘ Quick Disaster Response Villages’ porgrams. Dompet Dhuafa’s target in 2013 is to build up of five ‘ Quick Disaster Response Village’s throughout Indonesia. It is hoped that each region Dompet Dhuafa with program, which be called called ‘independent cluster’ will have its own ‘‘Quick Disaster Response Village’ Wallet Dhuafa to minimize and anticipate the destructions brought by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, landslides and droughts.

“Next we will cover five regions, namely Pandeglang Regency, Banten, Pati, Central Java, Manado, Tuban-East Java and Ambon-Maluku,” said M. Sayban of Disaster Management Centre Dompet Dhuafa team.

He explains, ‘ Quick Disaster Response Village’s will be concentrated in areas that are frequently experiencing natural disaster, such as the District of Pandeglang which frequently experience floodings.

To date, ‘ Quick Disaster Response Village’s program that were planned, are currently running in two areas, namely Pandeglang, Banten (currently at the implementation stage) and the District of Pati (currently at the assessment stage), whilst three other areas are still being studied.

According to him, the presence of the ‘ Quick Disaster Response Village’ is very helpful in mitigating the problems experienced by residents when affected by natural disasters, and also during the after-math or the recovery phase.

Apart form the ‘ Quick Disaster Response Village’ Dompet Dhuafa will also create ‘Quick Disaster Response Volunteers’ and also facilitators to make sure programs run properly, he said. (Sgt/AB)