Cultural Delegation: 17 Al-Syukro Junior High Students Turkish Bound

SOUTH TANGERANG, INDONESIA – Saman dance-team from Al Syukro Universal Junior High School will appear in Cinarcik, Turkish. They will perform in the event Cinarcik Tuder International Children Folk Dance Festival from the 17 April 2013 until 26 April 2013.

“As many as 17 students from Al Syukro Universal will represent Indonesia to showcase Indonesian culture there,” said M. Fauzan Budi Cahyono, head of Al Syukro Universal Junior High, South Jakarta on Monday (15/4).

According to Fauzan, the dance team participation at the event is an effort to instil, within the youth, a love for the arts and culture of Indonesia.

“And also an attempt to showcase the pride of the children and the many great traditional Indonesian arts,” he added.

Further, Fauzan said that Indonesian cultural sovereignty must be maintained in the midst of the growing popularity of foreign cultures in the country. It would make the children and the youth to be more proud of Indonesian culture than the foreign cultures.

“With this perfomance, it is hoped that it would, amongst the general teens and all of us, create our love for towards the traditional Indonesian culture to burn even more in our hearts, so that (it is hoped) Indonesia can still actively exist in the global cultural arts scene,” he concluded.

The delegation of the cultural dance team from Islamic school of Al Syukro Universal is one of the results of Dompet Dhuafa’s productive charity. Two years ago, Al Syukro Universal Junior High was donated (wakaf) to Dompet Dhuafa. With this school Dompet Dhuafa focuses on how to multiply brilliant students by applying reliable management system, financial independence, and an aim to be able to further develop educational facilities. (gie/AB)

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