Indonesia Migrant Workers in Hong Kong Fundraise to Help Flood Victims

 HONG KONG – Dompet Dhuafa Hong Kong receive aid for flood victims in Jakarta and elsewhere in Indonesia amounted to HK $ 34,504,59 of the Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong.

Funds raised through fundraising action, titled “Jangan Tunggu Tenggelam” (Do not Wait Drowning) done by volunteers with a number of activist organizations BMI Hong Kong, Sunday (20/1), in some areas in Hong Kong, centralized in the area of ​​Victoria Park, Causeway Bay.

Relief fund for flood victims also come from Indonesia Migrant Workers in Macau. Amount of HK $ 3,000 was gathered in a Islamic Studies led by Ust. Herman Budianto.

According to General Manager Dompet Dhuafa Hong Kong, Ahmad Fauzi Qosim, the funds from donors in Hong Kong will be consolidated through humanitarian funds Dompet Dhuafa with all branches all over the world.

“The funds will be donated in the form of food and other logistical needs for the survivors, and health care”, he explained.

Dompet Dhuafa’s aid for flood disaster will be distributed through providing foods, shelters, evacuation, counseling, and post-disaster recovery programs.

Fauzi like to thank to the volunteers, donors, and various organizations in Hong Kong and Macau, as well as the entire division of Dompet Dhuafa Hong Kong which have successful action in raising funds for flood victims in Indonesia.

After the fundraising activities, Dompet Dhuafa Hong Kong held a joint prayer for Indonesia at Victoria Park. (rhyme / amy/ gie/ nra)