Be thankful, Though Only by Speech Hamdalah

Ishak ibn Abdullah ibn Abi Talha told, one day a man came into the presence ofthe Prophet.

“How are you feeling?” Asked the Apostle to the man.

“Thank God, I thank God for you, O Prophet!” Replied the man. Hearing the answer, the Apostle then pray about it.

On the next day, the person came to Messenger again. As in the first meeting, the Apostle was asked the circumstances. “How are you?”

“Good,” replied the person is short. The Apostle was silent to hear the answer. So,in a tone of wonder the man asked. “O Messenger of Allah, yesterday you askedhow I was doing, then you pray for me. Today you ask me, but do not pray for me.Why is that? ”

Allah’s Apostle replied, “When I ask you, you give thanks to God. Meanwhile, today Iask, but you are silent, not to thank him (not saying hamdalah, just answer “good”) “.

Lesson Learned: always grateful for blessings of health, at least by sayinghamdalah. If asked what the news, answer: “well, thank God”. And Allaah knows best. (Mel / .*

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