Bengawan Solo overflows, Dompet Dhuafa send rescue teams

GROBOGAN, JAWA TENGAH – Dompet Dhuafa mobilized rescue teams and volunteers to help survivor of flooding caused by overflowing of Bengawan Solo River, Tuesday (9/4). The team from Disaster Management Center was sent in two areas, Grobogan in Central Java Province and Ngawi in East Java Province.

Both of them became the most severe region efected by floods. Rescue teams evacuated residents from the flooded. Some shelters are operated to distribute the logistics and some relief aids.

“An Expert Rescue team was dispatched from Jakarta and joined with volunteers in the affected area together with the teams from Dompet Dhuafa branches where its area was affetcted,” said Sigit Raharjo, Coordinator of the Information and Communication Disaster Management Center Dompet Dhuafa.

In Grobogan, Central Java, floods soak up 5,000 homes in seven subdistricts at Purwodadi, Toroh, Brati, Grobogan, Tawangharjo, Pulokulon and Klambu. While in Ngawi district, East Java, Bengawan Solo floods 42 villages in 12 districts. [sgt/gie/NRA]

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