Bekasi Flood: Dompet Dhuafa Distribute Food, Clean Water, Shelters.

BEKASI, INDONESIA – Dompet Dhuafa distribute aid in forms of ready-to-eat meals and gallons of mineral water in the village of Cinde, Pantai Baktih, Muara Gembong, Bekasi, West Java, on Thursday (25/4).

“Since this morning, we have distributed 150 gallons of mineral water in order to meet the needs of the flood victims”said Amir Choirrudin, commander for the rescue team in Muara Gembong.

He added that Dompet Dhuafa, since the 23rd of Apr, have also been distributing as many as 458 ready-to-eat meals, snacks, milk, and provided shelters and ‘public kitchen’ in the same area.

Meanwhile, according to Dompet Dhuafa’s Information and Communication Coordinator, Sigit Raharjo, the floods which again strucked Muara Gembong, which was caused by the overflowing of the nearby Citarum river have resulted in 13 houses in Desa Pantai Bakti, Muara Gembong district, Bekasi, West Java washed out by it. It is also reported that as many as 1,353 homes are still inundated with water.
“Due to the flooding, residents cannot cook amongst other things, to meet their daily needs. The floodings have polluted their wells and they had no source of clean water. Dompet Dhuafa are still providing ready-to-eat meals and distributing mineral water to the flood victims,” said Sigit.

One of the residents named Sumarni said that the assistance provided by Dompet Dhuafa were greatly helpful. However, the other residents and her are still quite worried of the possibility of another flood, as a broken levee has not been fixed permanently. Embankment breaches and the possibility of the overflow of water is still there when it rains heavily.

“People do not sleep well when heavy rains fall in the evenings, they always monitor the water level,” he said. (gie/AB)