The Need of Health Awareness and Illness Prevention Programs

BOGOR, INDONESIA – In order to realise a good general public health, specifically starting at the ‘infants’ level, various awareness and prevention programs should be increased. Socialisation and dissemination of information are some activities which are instrumental in this program.

“At Dompet Dhuafa’s Health Division, we have, amongst many, an awareness-prevention activity about nutritions for babies,” said Abdul Ghofur, General Manager of Health of Dompet Dhuafa, Tuesday (30/4) in Bogor.

The program, said Ghofur, including advice to the general public about the importance of breastfeeding (a.k.a. ASI). In addition to introducing ASI, there is ‘lactation management’, ie, how to breastfeed properly and various other things related to ASI.

“This program was rolled out to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates. This program is also held at places where natural disaster strikes, “he added.

In practice, the program is held in a variety of health posts, which were initiated by the Free Health Services (a.k.a. LKC) another program by Dompet Dhuafa. Socialisation of information about tuberculosis (TB), cervical cancer, malaria, and a variety of other ilnesses is also carried out at these posts.

“These health post are located in 32 various points in Indonesia and are based in mosques. Each point is supported by a group of cadres. Around Jakarta, cadres are numbered in the 400s. As for the whole Indonesia it is numbered in more than 1000’s, “he explained.

Ghofur explains, the cadres’ duties are to socialise the program and information and provide trainings to the community on various health issues. They are also the one who refers the people, when ill, to health centres and hospitals.

Malnutrition is basically not just a problem in the health sector. Because, if a family is a poor family, they cannot afford to buy nutritious food anyway. So, the end result is the lack of nutrition, leads to various illnesses.

“So the in managing this, it is required to integrate a variety of programs (to the health program), one of which is to change the conditions of economic prosperity,” he concluded. (Gie/Ant)