Giving Can Cure Diseases

EVERY illness is curable. If a disease is not cured despite treatment also everywhere and with a variety of drugs, then chances are the cure has not been found, essentially, of course there is no permission of Allah for his recovery.

In treating the disease in general there are two ways, namely effort and prayer.Efforts carried out by seeing a doctor, drink or eat the medicine, then enhanced with a prayer.

But not many are aware that one-let’s call it a panacea ‘cure for a disease-ekstra’ is charity, as the hadith: “Treat people who are sick of you to give alms” (This hadith dihasankan by Shaykh al-Albani in Saheeh al-Jami ‘).

Thus, alms, but will make us treasure the blessings and beneficial, if it can be Wasilah coming from Allah for healing illness.

Shaykh Sulayman bin Abdul Karim al-Mufarrij quoted as saying al-Sofwah said:

“O my brother who was sick, alms is meant in this hadith is a charity which intended to obtain healing. Perhaps, you have a lot to charity, but it was not done with intent to obtain healing from God Almighty.

Therefore, you try to do now and tumbuhkanlah trust and confidence that Allah will cure you. Fill in the stomach of the poor until full, or santunilah orphans, or wakafkanlah your property, or doing charity jariah, because real charity it can lift and remove a wide range of diseases and various kinds of calamities and trials …

O my brother who is sick, do not you griping about yourself. Now is the time for alms “(Shifatun ‘Ilaajiyyah Tuzilu Al-Amraadh bi al-Kulliyyah).

There’s someone asked Abdullah Bin Mubarak rahimahullah, about knee disease who had suffered since seven years. He has made various efforts to treat and has asked the doctors, but have not felt the results. So Abdullah Bin Mubarak rahimahullah, said to him:

“Go you are looking for sources of water and dig wells there because people need the water! I wish there was water that poured in situ “.

So that person was doing what was suggested by him, then he was healed “(Sahih At-Targhib) .*

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