BIMA, WEST NUSA TENGGARA – According to the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Bima, the numbers of health facilities devastated by the flood that hit the region is four government-owned medical centers, 29 health clinics, 29 community health center and one office of health Laboratory. Due to damage to the health facility, flood victims who suffered injuries and illnesses can not get medical assistance.

Medical Aid Service from Dompet Dhuafa becomes an alternative to assist the survivors. On Tuesday (27/12), the mission serving as many as 218 patients within 4 hours. The program rolling at 11:40 am in the area of Rasabou, Jatibaru Village, District Asakota, the city of Bima.

Residents throng to a yard owned by a survivor to get their free medical examination and treatment from Dompet Dhuafa’s service. “In addition to providing medical assistance, we want to educate survivors to maintain their health independently. So that they can perform first aid when an accident, “said Salim, a medical team member from Dompet Dhuafa.

One of the beneficiaries of this service is Mohammad Sidiq (74). After getting medical assistance, he expressed gratitude for their free medical service from Dompet Dhuafa. “Thank you for helping people here. If it possible, please add the drugs, ” he said. (Musyfiqul Khoir)