Oklahoma Tornadoes: Dompet Dhuafa Provide Aid

Dompet Dhuafa take part in helping the victims of the tornadoes that strucked the state of Oklahoma, USA. The Director of Communications and Resources of Dompet Dhuafa Indonesia, Mohammad Arifin Purwakananta said Dompet Dhuafa’s existing team in the USA have started their activities since yesterday.

The tornado that hit Oklahoma destroyed thousands of buildings and killed 91 people. Rescue efforts are still on going and workers are still searching for survivors under the rubble.

“Currently Dompet Dhuafa’s team in America is currenlty gathering the various resources to help the tornado victims,” he explained, Thursday (23/5).

Arifin explained, currently, assistance that is already available for the victims is a package worth $5,000, and $1,000 will be added. “The aid will be dropped through our relief center there,” he added.

Arifin said the Dompet Dhuafa team in America is still trying to reach the Moore area which is worst-hit suburban area of Oklahoma City. “Based on the reports from our colleagues there, the area is still closed to the public, only the ‘first responder’s are allowed to enter,” said Arifin.

Furthermore Arifin said the Dompet Dhuafa offices in Indonesia not raise funds domestically to this disaster (as most of Indonesians are already below poverty level). “But we would be always be willing to accept (and channel donation for the Oklahoma disaster) if anyone is donating to any of our Indonesian offices). Fund raising efforts will be generally come from Dompet Dhuafa offices outside of Indonesia and will be channeled through the Dompet Dhuafa USA.

Dompet Dhuafa relief center in Oklahoma is located at 15201 Cardinal Nest, Dr Edmond, Oklahoma 73013-1059, USA.

“It’s been one year since Dompet Dhuafa opened a branch in the USA, standing amongst the giants of the philanthropies and many other foundations of the United States of America. With a humanitarian spirit Dompet Dhuafa penetrates cultural barriers, spreading the spirit of the movement of charity to the entire world, “said Arifin.

Dompet Dhuafa Australia Ltd are taking donations for the Oklahoma tornado victims  (please leave “Oklahoma” in your deposit description). Our account details are as follow:

Dompet Dhuafa Australia Ltd

BSB 062-320

Acc No. 1085 7772.