Muslim, Women-Women Be Source of Inspiration

Who does not know Nurfitri Moeslim Taher? A woman volunteer who bounced his name because of his courage to join the team of volunteers who went to Gaza to deliver aid to the Palestinians. Of course we are a lot of listening to the latest developments in our brothers in Palestine, to know if it turns out he is also a mother of three sons.

He was, dare to leave the kids and a husband who loved, for the sake of humanitarian duty.

Historically, the role of women who struggle to defend Islam is not only happen this once. Call it Nusaibah bint Ka’b. A shahabiyah that followed the battle of Uhud in the Prophet, which acts as a supplier of logistics, and care for wounded soldiers.

Although Nusaibah not on duty at the vanguard, however, we are told that the war is chaos, so what the Prophet has been instructed about the strategy at that time did not go smoothly. This caused the Muslims forces crumbled, causing panic, so threatened the soul of the Prophet.

Here’s my nukil from the site of Al-Acts, “When the Prophet saw Nusaibah fend off the enemy alone (due to the Muslim forces had not targeted anymore), then Nusaibah arm themselves, and join with others to form a defensive formation to protect Muhammad Saw.”

There are other names in this modern age, who has made history with his struggle-filled performance by a very severe test.

He is, Zainab Al Ghozali. Women fighters of this great humanitarian who lived and fought during the reign of Gamal Abdul Nasser’s famous arbitrary. This great lady, who breathed his last in 2005 ago, was arrested by police authorities in Egypt around the year 1965, without an assignment or otherwise, and immediately thrown into prison the very stuffy and in prison he suffered various tortures.

Told how Zaynab in prison, accompanied by dogs are hungry, but he remained patient, and pleaded for help from Allah. alone, while continuing to remembrance, “O Allah, I sibukkanlah with (considering)-thy-Mu.Wahai to forget in addition to substance of the Lord, O Substances which depend on. Take me from rude nature (the world) is. Sibukkanlah me to do not remember the whole thing besides Thee. Sibukkanlah me to remember You, take me in your presence. Give me the perfect tranquility of – Mu. Liputilah me with Thy love clothes. Give me sustenance martyrdom in Thy path, pleasure the (provision)-You. O Allah, I am courageous, possessed by the constancy as monotheist! “, and the sharp teeth of the dogs that accidentally entered the prison warden, who would like biting and tearing up his body and even then did not make a single strand clothes were torn, and his body was still intact, none of the dog bite marks on her skin, for Allah’s help.Subhanallah.

So, anyone of us, the women who are committed to the path of this mission, so be prepared to face the various exams that hit, the exam will be a pleasure to neglect, or examination of a very oppressive bitterness.

Because of the breadth of the field plots of a woman, then he also must be very clever balancing the various roles, including obligations to children and husbands, with the participation was not an easy task, outside the home.

“And whoso do good deeds, whether male or female is her faith that they will enter into didzolimi syurga and they are not at all,” (QS.An-Nisa: 124)

On top of that, again, we need many many ask for the pleasure of the husband over all the steps taken. Because however, the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. is also pleased with the husband. Behind our steps, there is a sincere prayer from her husband, who always worried about our safety when outside the home. May we all be able to maintain the trust of her husband – our husbands, and remain in our original intention, so that what we seek is not in vain before God Almighty.

Certainly when we are acting outside the home, looking for achievement is not a destination. Very dangkallah if indeed it is sought. Gait women outside the home, nothing more just because of sheer obligation. Let us consider, the ustazah that fills the recitation for the working woman who was eager to explore Islam, in the middle of busy work. Or the teacher who always taught letter by letter from Al-Quran for our children.

Thus, we, the women can bring blessing this earth, or otherwise, as a carrier of damage. Naudzubillah.

Thus, let alone are we waiting for? Let’s fix our gait, at least be an example for our children, be role models for them, starting from improving our personalities!

Authors: Yuyu Latifah, housewife, lives in Vila Mutiara Cikarang, Bekasi

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