Need to Optimize State Zakat

Existence in Indonesia have not been able to Zakat in optimizing With the ever both by the state, although the potential existence ofzakat that is able to provide solutions to poverty and provide well-being. Associated with it, an expert in Islamic economics from the University of Indonesia, Yusuf Wibisono the request to the government review the role of zakat as manivestasi in taxes.

Yusuf said so far because there is potential for a charity which has not been optimized and is still the obligation of zakat isaccomplished each year alone. In the case in Islam itself there are several types of zakat. “This is exactly should be understood by the government when translating the charity as part of a charity,” he said.

Are similarities, there are similarities between Joseph said Zakat and taxes where the revenue obtained from a. But essentiallyhas its own differences, if the charity is an obligation that must be accomplished as part of religious values ​​as if the tax is a mandatory redeemable obligations as citizens who have income in accordance with the provisions of the taxpayer.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr Amin Suma Dean of the Faculty of Sharia, Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta, adding, at the time of the Prophetand his companions made ​​the role of charity functions have been able to give yourself peningkatanan welfare society.

Proven at the time, the distribution of zakat performed optimally and transparently managed. If that is done the modern era of the time, he believed the problem of poverty which is currently a global and national agenda can be solved. “But it all depends on how far the government’s commitment to the translation of the role of charity functions as part of the taxes,” he explained.

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