International Youth Conference in Indonesia

Bogor, INDONESIA – Peace was the main issue discussed in the International Youth Conference for Peace at Bumi Pengembangan Insani, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, Wednesday (12/6). A number of Muslim youths from 13 countries participated in the conference which is held by Dompet Dhuafa and the Asian Muslim Action Network of Thailand.

The conference aims to create a generation of youth who would create peace, harmony and sustainable and continuous development.

“In addition, the conference invited participants to share knowledge on the issue of peace. Each of them have their own case studies in their respective countries, “said Etika Setiawanti, Strategic Alliance Manager Dompet Dhuafa.

Moreover, Etika explained, most of the participants are citizens from countries where Islam is the religion of the minority. The presence of this conference is hoped to be a forum for dialogues to look at various issues, aiming at finding the right solutions to achieve peace.

Etika further explained, the conference also invited a many experts as speakers to share their ideas and knowledge. That way, it is hoped that the participants can be more encouraged to do more in working towards peace.

“Obviously once the conference is over, there will be an alliance or Youth for Peace Network to keep the youth in touch and so that there is a synergy between the works in issues such as peace and other humanitarian issues,” said Etika.

Ali Ahmad Saghari, one participant from Afghanistan said, that being involved in the conference provided an opportunity for him to be able to share experiences with youth from various countries.

“I am very pleased to be invited to and participate in the conference. My hope in participating in the conference was to gain knowledge from experts and other participants of the issue addressed, “said Ali.

The conference will be held until Tuesday, (18/6) in June 2013, and is involving the youth from Russia, Afghanistan, Mali, Uganda, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Somalia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Uzbekistan. (Gie/Ant)