Dompet Dhuafa: Assisstance for the Syrian Refugees

TURKEY – The “Indonesian Aid Dompet Dhuafa” (IADD) humanitarian team to Syria on Tuesday, 17/9/13, delivered aid in the Turkish-Syrian border, Gaziantep. Assistance came in forms of a variety of staple foods and beverages, and they are realisation of Dompet Dhuafa’s Syrians Food Bank program.

The aid provides many essential needs for the refugees in Kilis and Hatay areas,” said Ahmad Fauzi Qosim, chairman of the IADD delegation to Syria. Fauzi said, the next IADD team will visit refugee camps in Kilis, Turkey-Syrian border and Hatay for channeling aid directly.

Before going to the fields, the team conducted a meeting with the Indonesian Ambassador to Turkey, in Ankara, Nahari Agustini and Consul of Social and Culture, Irwan, related to the mission the IADD team is planning. “We also obtained information on the current state of Syria,” said Fauzi.

General Social Development Dompet Dhuafa’s M. Sabeth Abilawa said, Dompet Dhuafa’s aid to Syria will continue to be delivered. “Looking at the escalation of the Syrian military conflict, (the aid) will be continously provided. This is the second team we have sent to the area,” he explained.

Sabeth said four months earlier, through its Disaster Management Center (DMC) arm of Dompet Dhuafa, have delivered aid to Syria. Looking ahead, the next team are scheduled to enter through the Jordanian territory to help delivered aid collected from the ‘Syrians Food Bank’ program. “There’s a million refugee camps inhabited by millions of people there,” he explained.


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